How to install Apache + PHP + MySQL and even WordPress in less than a minute on Amazon AMI

One of the most common things for us working with websites is setting up a fresh install of wordpress.

Realizing I’ve been doing it very often, I’ve just put all the commands together in a unique script. Just need to change the top variables and I’m good to go in less than 1 minute. Huge time saver!

You can download this script below. If you have any comments or improvements, please do it at GitHub 🙂

How to run it?

Just download it by running:

chmod +x

Edit the variables at the top of the file to suit your needs

and then just execute it:

Sit back and see the work being done

You could also use the 30 minutes it would take doing this to read a few pages of a book or grab a cup of tea/coffee 😉


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